Do you want your child to develop their skills during holidays? Are you looking for interesting activities in your town?

The upcoming holiday 2017 is a perfect time for an unforgettable adventure. Your child will have a chance to discover all secrets of science, play and creative development – places which you won’t find on any maps as we go beyond all schemes when discovering them.

Activities during holidays and breaks

We offer professional pedagogical care from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

We invite all children aged 6 to 10 years old.



    Do you want to make your child’s birthday party unforgettable?

    Are you looking for an idea for a birthday party?

    Our Team will help you! Our animators will conduct a thematic party at your house or in a different place. Tell us about your expectations and we will make your child’s party unforgettable!

    Young Indiana Jones

    Do-it-yourselfer – Mr FixIt

    Party on Caribbean Islands

    Experiments / Nature Workshops



      In a school year 2016/2017 beginning from October we will conduct regular activities for children in Warsaw schools. Every child will be able to stay after lessons and spend time in a creative way, learning through play.

      Activities in a school year

      We conduct activities: chess games, experiments, memory strategies, photography, Chinese, public performance, financial intelligence and many more.

      We invite all children from primary schools

      Locations in whole Warsaw



        Do you want to organize a show on a birthday party, a weekly class meeting or a school event? Visually attractive chemical show can consist of experiments with dry ice, flashlights, micro-explosions, pyrotechnical show in a small scale, foam generation, colour reactions, etc. – all depends on you. After the show a lot of children want to discover themselves the world of chemistry and physics.



          In small groups our trainers answer questions which all parents find the most bothering. Two- or three-hour-long courses consist of meritorical and practical parts.

          How to discover your child’s talents and not to waste them?

          How to work with a child with learning difficulties: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysortography?

          How to help a child who is bullied at school?

          Is my child a victim or a culprit? How to deal with conflicts between children?

          How to deal with a child who does not want to do their homework?

          How to work with hyperactive children, how to help them?

          How to discover your child’s hidden talents?


              FOR ENTREPENEURS

              How can an employer take care of work-life balance of their employees? Our Team offers creative animations for children in the evening and at weekends, first aid workshops, experiments or organization of events.

              Animations and care of your children during company events, trade fairs and working weekends in your company

              Thematic events: Santa Claus event, company events, carnival balls, Children’s Day, picnics, out-door events.

              Specialist activities: chess games, law, economy, experiments, memory strategies, photography, Chinese, public performance, financial intelligence and many more.

                    CHESS TOURNAMENT

                    We offer you a complex organization of chess tournaments. We guarantee professional equipment, professional arbiters, prizes and cups for all attendees. We offer chess games for both children and adults (company events, etc.).

                    Tournaments in all categories or in an open form

                    Professional equipment

                    Professional arbiters

                    Prizes and cups for attendees


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