Children’s section of the Festival of Russian Cinema “Sputnik nad Polską” would like to thank Mały Geniusz for hourly workshops concerning public performance conducted on 14th November 2015. During classes, which were organized specially for young audience, children learnt how to perform without stress, gain confidence and control their stage fright. Mały Geniusz organized the workshops with full professionalism, great ingenuity and involvement.

We are looking for further cooperation.


Kino Praha has a great pleasure to recommend Mały Geniusz, with whom it has cooperated since July 2014 within the scope of programmes for children: “Wakacje w Kinie Praha” [“Holiday break in Kino Praha”] and “Ferie zimowe w Kinie Praha” [“Winter break in Kino Praha”].

Workshops conducted by teachers of Mały Geniusz were the icing of the cake during the programme, both of summer- and winter break. Thanks to friendly atmosphere of the activities, children were gaining self-confidence, taking part in challenges with pleasure. Even though both “Wakacje w Kinie Praha” and “Ferie zimowe w Kinie Praha” were attended by children aged 4-12, the age difference did not constitute a problem for organizers, who created a programme which involved all children, even their parents. Teachers conducted actively lessons, presenting difficult subjects, woke curiosity and encouraged to take up actions. The young could develop their creativity, imagination and team cooperation. The programme was interesting and often involved participants intellectually. Cooperation with Mały Geniusz was efficient both from organizational- and workshop point of view.

With great pleasure we recommend Mały Geniusz as a partner to cooperation and hopefully we will undertake to organize similar projects together in the future.


With great pleasure I recommend cooperation with the company Mały Geniusz, which conducted workshops for participants of the socio-educational conference “Fajne i Ważne – wspólne chwile Rodziców i Dzieci” [“Great and Important – moments spent by Parents and Children together”].

Workshops were a great opportunity for children to play and parents to learn a big scope of possible ways to spend their time together with their children in a creative way. Both groups showed their enthusiasm and willingness to attend the next events.

As a person working directly with Mały Geniusz, I find the cooperation efficient and trouble-free. Thematic compliance with the issues of the conference and organization indicate professional attitude to cooperation. I highly recommend Mały Geniusz as a reliable partner in organization of events for parents and their children.

Czytajmy Festiwal Książki

Mały Geniusz cooperated with us during the First Book Festival for Children and Teenagers “Czytajmy” in Warsaw.

We had a pleasure to observe the Experts of Mały Geniusz conducting their classes in Arkady Kubickiego. During two days of the festival there were 3D printing classes, Chinese, theatre workshops for all participants of the festival aged 4-12. Children, who attended the festival, participated in activities organized by Mały Geniusz with pleasure. Also parents stayed to participate in classes to observe what was being done. Organizers presented knowledge in interactive and creative way, therefore, all children were satisfied.

As a person who co-worked directly with Mały Geniusz I can certainly recommend the company. Our cooperation was very successful.


In the period of 27th – 31st July 2015 the company Mały Geniusz organized summer camp centre for children of NOKIA employees in Cracow.

The company demonstrated interesting and thorough approach, combining learning and fun. Children had a lot of activities enhancing their creativity and development, and spent time outdoors in active way. Activities were prepared with respect to many participants so that nobody felt bored.

As a person who directly co-worked with Mały Geniusz while organizing the summer camp centre, I can state with full responsibility that Mały Geniusz will carry out such projects with great care.

[Małgorzata Zarzeczna

Assistant MBB FDD LTE Kraków]

Deputy Mayor of the Wilanów District, Capital City of Warsaw

The District Office of Wilanów recommends hereby the company Fenomeno Sp. Z o. o as a thorough contractor. The cooperation consisted in organization of Chess Tournament for the cup of the Mayor of the Wilanów District, which took place on 8th November 2014 in schools of the Wilanów District.

We highly appreciate the quality of services performed by Fenomeno Sp. Z o. o and recommend it as a professional Partner who can adapt his services to the needs and vision of the Client.

Fenomeno spółka z o.o.

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