Do you want to organize a chess tournament for children or adults? Are you thinking about something else than a “standard” company event?

We offer you a complex organization of chess tournaments. We guarantee professional equipment, professional arbiters, prizes and cups for all attendees. We offer chess games for both children and adults (company events, etc.).

The tournament can be organized in a place indicated by you. We organize tournaments in the Swiss system. Each tournament is attended by a professional arbiter using a special system to count up the points.

All attendees get diplomas, winners are awarded with prizes and cups. On request we can also organize lessons and chess trainings.

We guarantee:

chessboards, pieces, chess clocks, professional system to count up the points, arbiters, diplomas, cups or medals, prizes – optionally, place adaptation, promotional posters!

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Fenomeno spółka z o.o.

ul. Świeradowska 47, 02-662 Warszawa

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Fenomeno spółka z o.o. zarejestrowana jest w Sądzie Rejonowym dla miasta Warszawy w Warszawie, w XII Wydziale Gospodarczym Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego pod numerem KRS 0000550399.

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