to bring up the child to make it a wise and good man in the future?
to communicate successfuly with your child? What to do when you are
lacking with patience?


In small groups our trainers answer questions which all parents find the most bothering. Two- or three-hour-long courses consist of meritorical and practical parts.

  • How to discover your child’s talents and not to waste them?

  • How to work with a child with learning difficulties: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysortography?

  • How to help a child who is bullied at school?

  • Is my child a victim or a culprit? How to deal with conflicts between children?

  • How to deal with a child who does not want to do their homework?

  • How to work with hyperactive children, how to help them?

  • How to discover your child’s hidden talents?   

    Detailed information on upcoming courses will be updated on our website and our fanpage.  

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